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Poll Results

Previous Polls:

Mar01: 89% think Angus looks like Paul Lawrie.
Apr01: Orkney's best golf hole is Stromness's 10th.
May 01: Best Golf Manufacturer was Mizuno.
June01: The best comps - Stromness & Kirkwall Opens.
July01: Best Golfer ever is Tiger Woods.
Aug01: Best Scottish course - St Andrews (Old).
Sept/Oct01: Cut down rough 37%, leave 31%, selective cutting 19% or trim 13%.
Nov/Dec01: 90% say leave the 17th green where it is.
Jan/Feb02: Opinion has it that SGC would have tanked OGC in the Tanco had they not woosed out.
Mar02: 90% say leave the 17th green where it is.
Apr02: 75% reckon 61 gross won't be beat this season.
May02: 40% say the toughest shot to get right is the blind shot to the 14th.
May03: 45% were correct in saying Angus & Kathleen would have a girl.
June03: Prizes: 50/50 split on whether 50% or 75% of prizes should be nett.
Sept03: Kenny edges Marcus for player of the year..
Oct06: 74% correctl that Ronald Thomson wouldn't win Winter League. He was 2nd!
June07: 40% thought their first tee shot at the new 15th would be splashy splashy.
Aug07: 85% think the 1st bunker should be filled in - PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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